New Seminar this Fall: Environmental Management, Law and Policy LGST 215/301

Looking for one more course?

A new seminar version of the course Environmental Management: Law and Policy, LGST 215-301 will be offered this fall semester on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm in Huntsman Hall F92, taught by Professor Eric Orts (Director of IGEL). The course provides an introduction to environmental management with a focus on law and policy as a basic framework and orientation.  The primary aim of the course is to give students a deep, informed, and practical sense of the important relationship between business and the natural environment and to encourage them to think critically about how best to manage this relationship. 

New Format: This is an experimental version of the course to be run as an honors seminar.  Permits for qualified upper-class students will be granted only as space allows.  As indicated, the course will entail an intensive semester-long research paper as the primary formal requirement. The course is open only to honors students for automatic registration, but permits will be issued to junior and seniors who are willing to do honors-level work and to a limit of room remains available in the course. For more information, contact  Prof. Eric Orts (

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