Build the Clean Energy Movement with NRG

As NRG makes the transformation from being a traditional power company to being a leader in the clean energy economy, our basic objective is very simple: we want to continue to provide the vast number of energy consumers who either are current NRG customers (roughly 3 million)  or are prospective NRG customers (virtually everyone – we think big)  with safe, affordable and reliable power but we want to do so in a manner that doesn’t melt the earth. 

As we have progressed towards that essential objective, we have realized that our most effective approach is to proceed on two tracks: certainly we have to invest in carbon capture and other approaches to reduce if not eliminate the GHG emissions from our traditional fleet of power plants – and that we are in the process of doing – but we also have to pave the way to a distributed “post-grid” future, where energy consumers are empowered by new technologies and by the freedom of choice to make their own energy decisions; to generate the lion’s share of their own energy needs from their own largely clean and inexhaustible resources whether it be wind, geothermal, in situ waste conversion or, most importantly, distributed solar.

But we have a problem and it is NOT that the appropriate new technologies don’t exist or haven’t reached a competitive price point. The problem is us.

We haven’t figured out how to engage and motivate the end use energy customer – which basically is the entire American public and electorate – to pay attention, to take control of their individual energy destiny, to make energy decisions that are not only in their economic self-interest but critical, collectively, to the long run health of the planet that we all cherish and depend upon.

We need your ideas and we need you to challenge and critique our ideas. The idea of blogging and on line conversations may not come naturally to us but we have to adapt to how things get done, problems get solved and movements get launched in the modern age. And that, first and foremost, is what we need right now, a consumer-driven clean energy movement.

Please help us figure out how to make it happen.

We are running out of time.

David Crane



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