The Agrarian Group’s Commitment to Long-term Sustainability

by Dylan Straughan

The Agrarian Group (TAG) is an agricultural technologies company that is based in Philadelphia, PA. We create, develop, and commercialize technologies and products that reduce the resource intensity of products in our current industrial food complex. TAG’s technologies and products focus on all aspects of the agricultural supply chain, from production to distribution and marketing.

Sustainability is truly at the core of The Agrarian Group. The company was born out of the onslaught of reports from the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as many other organizations, depicting the massive resource constraints that the human race will face within the next 20 to 50 years. No longer can we be focused solely on the economic cost of an agricultural product — a broader, more in depth measure of impact must be considered. Current agricultural practices are one of the principle driving forces for climate change, water scarcity, and deforestation, as well as several other disastrous trends that are already causing unprecedented implications for our continued survival on this planet.

It has been said that humanity’s greatest capability is the ability to adapt – whether it be to a new situation, a new technology, or even a new climate. The Agrarian Group is helping create a future where humans will be able to survive on this earth sustainably, without devastating its resources or environments. Agriculture was the greatest advancement in our species’ history, allowing for the specialization of trades, commerce, and the beginning of civilization itself. The Agrarian Group believes that that it is where we need to begin, to adapt, and to thrive.

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