Austin Bream, Junior in the Wharton School, Wins First Place in 2016 College House Deans Integrates Knowledge Awards

The Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) would like to congratulate Austin Bream for winning first place in the 2016 College House Deans Integrates Knowledge Awards.  The description provided by the College House Deans is below.  Although IGEL claims no credit whatsoever for Austin Bream’s accomplishments, we lift up his example as an inspiration for all of us. True progress on environmental sustainability will come from leaders such as Austin who are developing here on Penn’s campus.  Congratulations!

Austin Bream

Austin Bream is a man with a passion for practical, forward-thinking sustainability. Currently serving as a Resident Advisor in Kings Court English College House, he is also working as an intern with Green Campus Partnership, running the Green Living Certification program and the Power Down Challenge.  He works with the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities as a member of the Academic Advisory Board, and he helped launch WetLand, a “mobile, sculptural habitat and public space constructed to explore resource interdependency and climate change in urban centers” ( In Kings Court English, he is developing a solar-powered, hydroponic food garden and leads House programming on sustainability and environmental issues.

“Austin has unobtrusively but consistently combined acknowledgment of his responsibility to his community with expressions of his community’s responsibilities to its world. He provides an ongoing but understated example of how to integrate one’s passion for the pursuit of meaningful and tangible change with a rigorous pursuit of one’s intellectual and academic goals. He is, in short, a stellar role model for his residents, and for the residents of KCECH more broadly. And he achieves all of this without ever standing on a soap-box or stridently calling for change.” — Prof. Cam Grey, College House Fellow, Kings Court English College House



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