Author Archives: Meg Schneider and the “Do the Math tour”

*by Meg Schneider

*Views presented in this article reflect those of the author and should not be construed as the views of Wharton, IGEL or the University of Pennsylvania.

Bill McKibben, the environmentalist who wrote the high-profile Rolling Stone article “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”, came to Philadelphia’s First Unitarian Church November 17 for his “Do the Math” tour for The talk began with a short speech from Swarthmore student Sara Blazevic on her campaign to encourage Swarthmore’s divestment from fossil fuels in its endowment. Josh Fox, best known as the director of Gasland, also talked about grassroots organizing.

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Sustainability at the Inaugural Wharton Supply Chain Conference

**The views expressed herein should be taken as those only of the author and not of Wharton, IGEL or the University of Pennsylvania**

 Perhaps the most surprising part of the inaugural Wharton Supply Chain Conference was how “sustainability” was only mentioned twice: when Jim Miller, VP of Worldwide Operations of Google, mentioned that consumers must care and be informed before sustainability issues are taken care of; he used the example of his wife still buying an Iphone after the Foxconn debacle although she was against the labor practices. The second was when Randall Lovorn, VP of Commercialization and Innovation at PepsiCo, briefly mentioned his firm’s sustainability practices, and its new project of a net-zero waste plant in Arizona that gives back energy to the grid. Continue reading