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Interview with Joe Rozza, Global Resource Sustainability Manager of Coca-Cola on Careers in Sustainability

Joe Rozza, Global Resource Sustainability Manager of Coca-Cola, took some time out to share helpful industry insight into careers in sustainability. Joe comes from an environmental engineering background and has worked on water resource topics for most of his career. He mentioned that it is helpful to be able to operate in more than one expertise area, and cross-functional skills are key. Students considering careers in the sustainability space need to be technically astute on current issues, and should be able to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders. “… more career paths into the sustainability space. It’s not really just environmental anymore. So if you’re a finance major, there’s a role for you in sustainability. If you’re a communications or marketing person, there’s a role for you. If you’re an engineer, there’s a role for you.” Watch the interview below:

by Amanda Byrne, MES Student