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Book Review: The Future of Value, written by Wharton alum Eric Lowitt


Please click the link below to read Caroline’s (IGEL’s Graduate Intern) review of Wharton alum Eric Lowitt’s new book, The Future of Value: How Sustainability Creates Value Through Competitive Differentiation. The book argues why altruism is the death of sustainability and uses cases, interviews and more to show that sustainability is the best business move to take.

Eric Lowitt will be on campus March 21, 2012 to present in the IES/IGEL Seminar Series, noon to 1:30pm.  The event is open to all.

Click here to read the review online at Wharton Magazine’s website>> http://whartonmagazine.com/issues/fall-2011/sustainability-the-future-of-value/

Resource Efficiency: IGEL @ World Resources Forum 2011

This is Caroline from IGEL reporting from the World Resources Forum 2011 in snowy Davos, Switzerland.  I am a part of an international team of bloggers covering the conference. There are more than 400 people here from all over the world (though only 3 from the US!).  To read about the discussions, speakers and more, you can follow us on Twitter @oikosreporter, Facebook, and at our blog.

We’d love to have your thoughts and comments on my 2nd post, entitled A Carbon Confession.  Anybody who’s ever struggled with the environmental impacts of their travel will identify!

In the meantime, here’s our introductory video about the project and our student reporter team: