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Avoid Waste, Avoid Cost: An Interview with Sarene Marshall

Sarene Marshall gave oikos Penn student reporter SarahBeth Vaughn an insight into how different organisations – whether business or NGO – view sustainability. As the Managing Director of The Nature Conservancy, Sarene brings first-hand experience of showing companies such as Dow Chemicals just how much nature is worth to them and how to integrate sustainable business models into day-to-day working. She also discusses why environmentalism isn’t making the same headway it did in the 1970s, how to change it and why Walmart’s green supply chain initiatives might be one of the smartest moves in the business world.

Interview with Bill Kunze of The Nature Conservancy on Careers in Sustainability

Check out our interview with Bill Kunze of the Nature Conservancy. Bill shared great insight into the Nature Conservancy itself, and the increasing importance of non-profit partnerships with businesses. Bill also shared his thoughts on key considerations for careers in sustainability. “… it’s actually going to be a bottom-line matter for businesses to be operating as efficiently as possible with as little waste as possible, and also making sure that they’re doing what they can to ensure the future security of their supply lines. And that’s really another way of saying sustainability.”  Watch the interview below or on YouTube:

by Amanda Byrne, MES Student