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Forest Certification Schemes for Corporate Supply Chains

(Post by Caroline D’Angelo, IGEL Communications Coordinator and lead author of the report from which this post is adapted. This research and report was made possible by a Wharton Global Initiatives Research grant.)

Forests are the planet’s biodiversity reserves: One hectare of tropical forest may contain up to 750 species of tree and millions of other species of insects, fungi, bacteria, reptiles and mammals – and of course, the most intelligent of primate, humans. This biodiversity provides medicine, income, food and shelter for millions of people around the world, as well as supply materials and products for corporate supply chains. Beyond hosting an impressive array of species, trees are also reserves for carbon, consuming and storing this greenhouse gas in their soils, bark and leaves. (Indeed, protecting and re-generating forests may be the cheapest way to mitigate climate change – see REDD+.)
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IGEL’s Greening the Supply Chain Conference Report

(Post by Caroline D’Angelo, IGEL’s Communications Coordinator and editor and Staff Writer for Oikos International) The Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership’s annual conference-workshop on April 26, 2012 was themed around “Greening the Supply Chain: Best Business Practices and Future Trends.” The conference featured presenters from corporations and non-governmental organizations who spoke about sustainable management of corporate supply chains. From technology to transportation, and deforestation to chemicals, presenters urged the audience to think of sustainable supply chains as a smart business move. (Read an overview of the best business practices from the conference from Student Reporter Sharon Muli.) This post provides an overview of the conference presentations and provides links to more in-depth discussion, interviews and slides.
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